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Duck Life 5

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ducklife5The developers of the Duck Life game series made us a surprise - another version of the popular game about ducks. Duck Life 5 is a bit different if we compare it to the previous versions of the game - the storyline is also updated. When you defeated the Fire Duck in the previous version of the game, you discovered a bit volcano. According to rumors, the hidden mystery treasure is somewhere inside it and that's why hundreds of tourists start seeking for the legendary treasure. Your mission is to become the first duck who will manage to discover the treasure  inside the volcano. The game is really thrilling and full of mysteries. To succeed in this quest, you must train your duck and become faster and stronger to knock out your opponents. Duck Life 5 Unblocked also has a shop, where you can unlock really interesting things. Don't waste your time, start playing the Duck Life 5 : Treasure Hunt Right Now.!